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Resume Project

Introduction: In order to achieve your goals of attaining a career after high school, it is important that you understand how to successfully create a resume and cover letter.  Also, it is essential that you know how to compose yourself when being interviewed.  Therefore, this unit will be focused on actually creating a resume and cover letter as well as experiencing a mock interview.  Below, you will find assignment guidelines and rubrics for your cover letter, resume, and interview.   Rather than taking a test, creating these documents will be your assessment!  Good luck and try your best—you will undoubtedly use these documents in your near future!

Assignment:  Creating a resume!

Objective:  Prepare a neat and professional resume stating your educational and work experiences that make you a qualified job candidate.

Assignment guidelines and requirements:

  • Resume should have a clearly stated objective.
  • Resume should be organized using the template provided.
  • Resume should be free of any grammatical errors and/or spelling errors.
  • Resume is typed, printed, and turned in on time.
    • Rough draft due: March 4th
    • Final draft due: March11th


Assignment: Creating a cover letter!

Objective: Prepare a clearly written, professional cover letter that adds a personal touch to your resume.

Assignment guidelines and requirements:

  • Cover letter should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Cover letter should be organized and formatted using the template provided.
  • Cover letter should be one page with a minimum of three paragraphs.
  • Cover letter should be signed and turned in on time.
    • Rough draft due: March 18th
    • Final draft due: March 25th


Assignment: Mock Interview—APRIL 8th

Objective: Simulate an actual interview in order to become more confident and knowledgeable about the interview process.

Assignment guidelines and requirements:

  • Student composes himself or herself in a professional manner.
  • Student is articulate and speaks loudly, clearly, and honestly.
  • Student is prepared and has thought of potential answers prior to interview.
  • Student should have a positive attitude during the interview.


Resume template #1

Resume template #2

Resume rubric


Cover Letter rubric

Cover Letter guided notes

Cover Letter template (modern)

Cover Letter template (classic)


Mock Interview rubric

Job Interview tips

Mock Interview Questions