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School Board Members

Rory Hoffmann, Chairman                     City of Medina Rep. (election date: June 2016)

Jason Carlson, Vice Chairman                 At Large Representative (election date: June 2017)

Shawn Gefroh                                       Rural Representative (election date: June 2016)

Eldon Redlin                                         Rural Representative (election date: June 2017)

Emmy Hoffmann                                   Rural Representative (election date: June 2018)

Jacob Hofmann                                     Rural Representative (election date: June 2017)

Jeremy Schmidt                                    Rural Representative (election date:  June 2018)

The August 2018 Board meeting is scheduled for August 10th at 7:15 AM.  


School board meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 7:15 am in the school library.  Meeting dates/times are subject to change.  Please check the school calendar for updates.

All board members serve 3 year terms.   School Board elections are held in June each year.



Dawn Moser, Business Manager