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James River Special Education Cooperative

Fall 2022

We all want the best for our children; however, we don’t always know where to turn for answers to our questions about health, growth and development. All parents sometimes wonder: Is my baby keeping up with others his age? Is my toddler developing normally? Is my preschooler learning and growing as she/he should be?

There are answers to all of these questions and they can begin with just one phone call. Region VI Right Track Program, the James River Special Education Cooperative and member schools are cooperating in their efforts to make the public aware of the fact that parents and other important people in the lives of a child who might have a concern about an area of a child’s development or functioning is able to make one telephone call and refer the child for a screening. This will allow a trained person, or team of persons, to take a look at the child’s development and functioning levels compared to others of the same age and be able to assist the family in addressing areas that might need more attention.

Region VI Right Track Program and the James River Special Education Cooperative would like to remind the public of the program, Right Track. Right Track is a free program for families with children who are the ages of birth to three years. This age is targeted as children experience their greatest level of growth and development during the first three years of their life. Right Track provides a resource to the family so their child receives the best start in physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Right Track offers the following:


  • Home visits to children birth to three years of age
  • Developmental screenings
  • Activities to enrich a child’s development


  • Connections with community resources
  • Partnerships with agencies to coordinate services for families and children
  • Referrals to local, state and national organizations for educational and health information as well as support


  • Information on their child’s growth and development
  • Information on various childhood concerns such as sleep, nutrition, and the managing of their behaviors
  • Support to the parents as the child’s first and most important teacher
  • Information and resources in order to help families make informed choices about programs and services

To learn more about Right Track or to make a referral, call 701-253-6416 (Right Track Referral Line).

If you know of a child who is age 3-5, who seems to not be developing or functioning at the same level of his peers, you are asked to contact the James River Special Education Cooperative in Jamestown, 701.252.3376, which is the central referral point for children in that age group. A coordinator will visit with you about your concerns and a screening may be arranged with one of the unit personnel. Parental permission is always needed prior to any screening being done. If you do not have access to long distance dialing, you may also contact your local superintendent and he/she will then contact the Special Education Office.

Our schools also maintain a continual program to find un-served students who might qualify for special education or Section 504 accommodations and/or services.  If parents have a concern about their child’s performance in grades K-12, they are encouraged to first discuss their concerns with the classroom teacher.  If they have further questions or concerns having met with the teacher, the next step is to communicate with the building principal, who may then consult with individuals from the James River Special Education Cooperative Administrative Office.

These services are available to all people in North Dakota. The only difference may be the person or place one needs to contact. If you happen to reach the wrong locality, you will be assisted in finding the right one. All of these services are free to children and their families.

Don’t hesitate to find a child the help he/she may need!


 James River Special Education Cooperative

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